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We’re always happy to receive feedback from Critter Lick customers, especially when the result is a successful story to share! Today we would like to share how Kelly Cox from i-Video Wildlife has enjoyed Critter Lick:

“2015 was the first year I tried Critter Lick game attractant. I concentrated in 2015 on Mule Deer, which I believe is the hardest of the Western big game species to get to commit to an attractant. All I can say is WOW, I had the best year of my life with trail cam pictures & ultimately ending in harvesting 2 great bucks!

The fine powder has a sweet smell that drive game crazy, but it is also a mineral lick that gets into the soil & keeps the game coming back for more & promotes antler growth!

Probably my favorite thing about Critter Lick is the packaging! Most of my trail cam spots are off the trail & require a hike to get to, these small 4lb bags are easy to pack, so you can decided how much or little to take in!

I am a believer based on results!”

-Kelly Cox

Here are a few incredible photos Kelly captured using Critter Lick Big Game Attractant:

critter lick big game attractant

deer and big game attractant critter lick

big game and deer attractant critter lick

deer attractant critter lick

big game attractant critter lick

Want to enjoy these same amazing results in your own trail photos? Shop Critter Lick today!

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