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“Critter lick is just amazing. They say that it will triple your trail camera pictures, it did more than that for us. Elk and deer pound the stuff they can’t leave it alone. It is a fine powder that gets in the air and they can smell it better than any other product on the market. We see a bull from a distance that we want to get some close up pictures of, we set up our Stealth Cam with some critter lick and within a few days we have him on film. The other thing that I like about it is people can’t see it. A salt block can be seen from miles away this product you can’t see it.”

High Point OutfittersHigh Point Outfitters review

High Point Outfitters

“Now I know why it is named “Critter” Lick — all sorts of critters visiting it that I would not have normally had come in to a regular salt block.”

Eric Forrest review

Eric Forrest

“Used Critter Lick last fall for the first time. Amazing, simply amazing”

Travis Mouritsen review

Travis Mouritsen

“Critterlick helped us get some giant bulls on trail camera. So if your planning on setting some cams this summer you should try some it works!! This bull is the new world record muzzleloader 456 and he loved!”

Tines up review

Tines Up

“It’s no wonder the animals find @critterlick so quick, it smells great within seconds of putting it in the truck.”

Steve Sorensen review

Steve Sorenson

“Can’t say enough about Critterlick! Check out the times of when I set my camera, to when the first two deer came in! I set this in a patch of trees that had no game trails in it, and within an hour already had deer finding the salt! #CritterLick #trailcamera #utahhunting#MMHC ”

Mount Mahogany hunting club review


“After years of trying other products. I have to ask is this stuff legal?”

jason review


“Here is a good Critter Lick bull for you. It is just amazing how this stuff brings animals in. We find a bull from far away or see a bull for just a second and we need to get some pictures of him so we can judge him. We just set up a Stealth Cam and put down some critter lick and within a few days we have the animal on camera. It is truly amazing how quick it can happen. We have sites that we have used the stuff for 3-4 years now and it is absolutely pounded. But the most amazing thing is once we know we have a decent animal in the area we put down some critter lick and we have our animal on film within a few days. We have doubled if not tripled our camera production. That stuff is the real deal and we are kicking butt with it again this year.”

High Point Outfitters Elk review


Critter Lick Deer Attractants is the only way to go when putting mineral out in front of cams. Can’t get enough of this stuff!!”


High Altitude Hunters

“Here’s a critter lick bull! I have seen more deer and elk this year on my trail cameras than ever before, thanks for an awesome product!”

unnamed (1)

Casey Storey

#selfiesunday this young bull took a liking to our #stealthcam and hung out for awhile with it and munched on some @critterlick!”

KM Flatliners review

KM Flatliners

“The @critterlick is producing big time this year!!!”

Tines up review

Tines Up

“Nothing better than a little #critterlick to get the velvet Critter Lick Deer Attractants


High Altitude Hunters

“First critter lick spot @critterlick hopefully this stuff shows some results..”

AZ Hunter review


“Got this bloke in on the @critterlick. Can’t wait for him to drop his rack.”

Eric review


“Dear Critter Lick,
I poured a 4lb bag of your product out around the first of August. I didn’t get any pics of huge bucks, but what I did get is over 600 pics of deer using the lick in one month. That equates to deer being at my stand about 20 times a day. Your product works great!
Feeder in the back is empty. Thank you”

Tim Straub review

Tim Straub

“We set up two or three stands every year for archery hunts and have put about every product out there in front of our game cams to increase traffic. When Critter Lick promised that it would triple trail cam pics we hardly believed it, but we decided to give it a try. Without question the number of bucks tripled, maybe quadrupled, and even more the bucks patterns became more consistent and regular. We believe it helped with antler growth as well. Critter Lick produced results far greater than anything else we have tried. A real bonus is that the small critter lick bags go a long ways and are so much easier to pack into stands than anything else.”

JR Quamberg review

JR Quarnberg, Jerron Glazier

WP Outfitters

“A product that has made a huge difference for our pictures is Critter Lick.  This stuff is incredible and will bring in the bulls from all over right up to the camera so you can capture the pictures you need to see the trophy quality of the animal.  During the dry period of June we set up on water sources but once the rains come the Critter Lick will bring them in to one location for pictures when the water has them spread out.”

HPO review

High Point Outfitters

“Critter Lick really is a top quality big game attractant, and it’s hands-down the best deer attractant on the market. We work personally with the Critter Lick team and can’t recommend their product enough. Highly recommended!”

Kite Media

“Wow would be an understatement! I think almost every buck in the unit is on my camera and they hit it multiple times a day for at least 3 weeks!!! The ground had been licked clean and looked like concrete from their tongues rubbing on it!”

unnamed (2)

Red Fletch - Dale Pearson

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