How to Use Critter Lick

Critter Lick will help balance nutrient deficiencies that occur in natural forage so big game never lose interest


Placement of Critter Lick:

Use Critter Lick near a known game trail in a dry location for best results.

1. First application: spread about 3/4 of a 4 lb sack in a 3 foot circle on the ground and surrounding vegetation.
2. Use the remaining 1/4 to mix into the soil in the middle of the circle.
3. Refresh the area with 2 lbs after two weeks and then every four weeks following.

Critter Lick will be revisited year after year so selection of location is crucial.


Trail Cameras:

Critter Lick is perfect when capturing trail camera photos. Position the trail camera to face your Critter Lick site to get optimum pictures of big game visiting the area. Check out our Gallery to view some of our best trail camera photos. Have some photos you’d like to share?! Email them to:

NOTICE: Critter Lick is NOT for human consumption. Regulations for this product vary from state to state. Please check your local laws.


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