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Voted #1 Best Deer Attractant

The Critter Lick Foundation is built around our passion for the outdoors. Our members have experienced a lot of changes and technological advances that help us hunt. These include premium optics, compound bows with incredible velocity, and more accurate long range rifles.

Our founders began using trail cameras in the typical areas such as water holes, trails, and even by the salt blocks that cattle ranchers had out for their cattle. We were enlightened on a unique nutrient that a sheepherder had been putting out for his sheep for years, and how the game animals would consume it before the sheep could even get to it the next day. As our curiosity grew, we began experimenting with big game attractants and our newly found nutrient. We combined a blend of ingredients that would attract big game in a new way, not by funny smells and sweet taste, but by providing them with the supplements that they not only need, but crave. This nutrient contains the vital deficiencies game animals are lacking to help support healthier growth and horn development.

We were so impressed with the performance from Critter Lick that we decided to take it to the market so other hunters/outdoorsmen could benefit. Now you can experience watching this unbelievable product work for you too.

Mineral Lick

Critter Lick is the next generation breakthrough mineral lick product. The mineral lick contains a researched, developed, and proven combination of all-natural ingredients that are valuable for the health of the game animals. This is accomplished by balancing these vital deficiencies.



Critter Lick is NOT just funny smelling, or sweet tasting. It draws in big game due to its vital supplements, minerals, and nutrients that big game animals not only need but, crave. Critter Lick attracts big game in a NEW and unique way, by replenishing vital nutrient deficiencies through a combination of all-natural minerals and nutrients. Critter Lick:

  • Promote bigger antlers
  • Increase horn growth by up to 10 inches
  • Make game animals healthier
  • Can’t be resisted
  • Carry way down wind
  • Are successful for scouting, hunting and taking trail photos

Triple Your Trail Camera Pictures GUARANTEED!

Critter Lick GUARANTEES to Triple your Trail Camera Pictures! We are confident in the results that thousands of photographs have proven… that Critter Lick works! You will be amazed at the results you get! Check out our trail camera pictures page and testimonials page to see and hear the results of our satisfied customers.

critter lick works

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